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Originally Posted by Zambo1 View Post
Any idea on how long till they are available again my 1100rt is kind of desperate for a balance.

Grok is pretty good about posting here whenever he has them available, so you might to subscribe to the thread to get updates (click on "Thread Tools" at the top of the page to see how). That way you'll see whatever news comes up on availability.

You might notice from his first post in the thread (that you quoted) the following:

"Temporarily Sold Out
Critical parts shortage
Availability to be determined"

It may be important to remember the production of these "Harmonizer" tools is apparently not Grok's primary business, so I imagine his priorities have to often be elsewhere. He builds a great product (I own two of 'em!), so sometime you just have to be patient.

That said, you could always PM him and ask him directly when he - the actual manufacturer - thinks he will have 'em ready for ordering again.

Hope this helps.



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