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Proceeding from Tinghir our next destination is the sandsea of the Erg Chebbi. We get some fuel for the bikes at a brickyard ...

... and some morning fuel for ourselves.

Today is an incredible hot day and as we see the next village we're ready for another human-fuel stop. And our good luck is still with us ...

... because Remis rear tyre decides to deflate just in time at our picnic-spot in the heart of the village. At least there's some kind of shadow.

Because 10 hands are to much to work on the puncture I do what I probably can do best in the meantime: Look around and see what others are doing.

Todays heat leads to a misty sky that swallows the horizon.

Our water consumption reaches a first maximum though we're still riding on a tar road. The Sahara breathes straight into our faces.

Who ever has experienced an endless road knows how boring it can be. But there's something beyond boredom. If you don't find it, the road was not endless ;-)

To me after a while on a road like this I come to a state of trance or unmeant meditation. I'm not talking about a delirium, more of a liberation of my mind that was filled with the common daily thoughts. All these thoughts are now all blown away and thoughts, that have never been thought before come up, thoughts that haven't been thought for ages are reborn ...

And all over sudden: There they are! The pink-coloured dunes of the Erg Chebbi on the horizon.

We're trying to avoid the village and seek our way through the Hammada, the plain filled with sharp-edged stones.

Again, what a landscape! A black stony desert that radiates the heat of the day though the sun has already set and the sandy desert that looks so inviting to us.

Aahh. Now this is riding-paradise, hallelujah!

Whatever may happen on my journey: this end of the day was already worth everything.


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