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Originally Posted by Nitro View Post
Still havent found time to catch up
But here is the email from INGO's wife

Hia everyone

I have to say...”third time is the charm” – well, for me that is.. I am finding this Dakar a lot less stress full than the last two. I have learnt NOT to hover over the waypoints till i see him through them... instead- i walk away and do other things- coming back in the time that i expect him to be showing up. Man it is working for me..
I do believe – I have found the Dakar fever cure ... J and saved myself a lot of heart beat skips/stops

Today’s stage – saw 156 bikers off... with 25 already dropped out. With Ingo is starting position 61 into a stage that could be described as a landscape of changes... with dunes... rocky tracks.. river beds and Valley’s.
274km of that being racing and 136km of connection route. One tends to forget how long and boring ( and tiring ) the long connections routes are for the guys. If you can remember .. Ingo finished Tuesday race stage @ 18h20 ( our time) and only phoned home 6 hours later...when he got into the biviac.
We all sigh a breath of relief once we see he is at the finish for the day.. forgetting, that he still has hours in the saddle before he can get off the bike and say he is actually finished for the day.
It’s one of Ingo’s “Dakar don’t likes” - the long ( speed limited) connection stages.

He phoned in just after 23h00- sounding chirpy and happy- saying it was a short but very tough stage.
He says the fesh fesh in the beginning was horrible- with the extra soft sand, knee deep. If his bike “dug in” to it, the whole wheel was under sand. “man it was hard” he kept saying.
The navigation was very tricky today.. trying to “catch the guys out” where ever they could. He says he lost a bit of time by taking on a mnt from the wrong side.. there was a short cut up the mountain.. which he didn’t see and struggled to get up it –then tackling the down side of it was hard.. very rocky.
But on the bright side..made up time on another mountain.. where it looked like most guys had taken the right hand side route.. he opted for the left- getting up it- in one shot. says he saw guys flipping their quads on that mountain (that’s how steep it was)

As in the previous Dakar’s with our dude.. his first fall was – well not even a fall.. he just tipped over- saying his legs are to damn short ( guess we aint solving that problem any time soon)
Says his famous boom bum problem’s way better today.. Doctored it and slept “in the nick” last night. mmmm am just thinking....., if one huge sand storm ever had to hit a biviac in the early hours of the morning taking tents with it..... am guessing it would be a sight for sore eyes ( and sore boom bums )

Orange service team is doing amazingly well so far... with David in overall 39th after today’s stage and Ingo 48th. (this is at can guess it will stay like this )

Stage 6 (Thursday) takes them on a 455km special stage through Chile- from Arica to Calama. Bikes starting 08h45. If i am not mistaken.. Chile is 2 hours ahead of Peru.. so take this in consideration when you want to start tracking. But pls double check..i am speaking under correction and sleep deprivation .

Yesterday- Brett Cummings (south African #89) dropped in positions after towing in his fellow team mate, Todd Smith for 28km of the race stage and then 130km of the connection stage. In doing this- almost blowing his own engine-he says it was the toughest stage so far. ( guess towing dead weight for 158km will take it out of you) but this just shows –team work.. sportsmanship... is what this race is all about.

Unfortunately i can’t give you any more Ingo info- as his sat phone credit run up in mid call-
Just that- all is well in Dakar Land for #101

Thumbs up and fingers crossed for #101
Proudly Namibian
Lisa and Zoe


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