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Originally Posted by Flood View Post
Anna-Marie, CH-CH are start and end of the neutralization zone. The racing special has two parts today, Km 0 -> Km 229 is the first; then the timing clocks stop, the riders refuel and ride on the road for 97 km (probably avoiding a nature reserve zone or mining operations).
Then, at Km 326 (the 2nd blue CH), they are let off on the timed special again, racing the final 128 Km.

Clear as mud?
Originally Posted by Coose View Post
What he said! ^^^

Basically, it's a liason in the middle of the timed section, where "CH" means "Checkpoint" - each rider has to check in to each of these and is probably timed between the two, though this doesn't count as part of the result - there will be an average speed check between them and they'll probably receive a penalty if caught speeding.... (you can't get away from it nowadays! )

Can I also say a big "ey-up" to Toldmum - it's great that you're on here and having followed Pyn's exploits all year (yep, I like most on here have the t-shirt!) it's great to see that this really is a family affair and you're all really behind him!
It's great to see all of the comments as you all know him better than us, so do please keep them coming!

The radio reports are great and really give an insight as to what is going on that we don't see - good work Packmule!
Thank you guys, It all becomes clear now. I didn't realise that section didn't count in the timings but I was aware of the speeding thing (there really is no getting away from it hey!!)

Another good day for Lyndon yesterday, thanks for keeping the call in's coming Nate It's good to hear his voice on a morning. Hope he got some good rest for a long day today.

GO Lyndon
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