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Mike. I'd do this over the phone but I'm in Asia currently (but back to the states in a few weeks for holiday) so here it goes in the thread. After reading through the full thread I can say one thing with certainty, Amanlikemile has got to be one of the most thorough, responsive, and helpful vendors I've seen. Sadly something not seen all too often in this day and age. Fantastic job Mike.

Thank you for the response on my questions. I'm beginning to understand the mounting procedure. Does anyone have a picture showing a closeup of the mount and how the bag fastens to the frame? Am I having to undo webbing from around the frame every time I mount and dismount the bags? Or is a hook simply hooked into a webbing daisy chain ladder that stays with the bike when removed?

Are there any pics detailing the 15L bags? I searched the thread and website but found nothing that detail how the bag operates. I assume there is a waterproof liner inside the outside shell is this correct? If so then are both the liner and shell roll top closures? Or is the bag itself waterproof requiring only one roll top closure to access inside the bag? Traveltoad mentioned it is easier to access items in this bag set-up than the GL, the Kreiga bag shape is definitely more user friendly for packing but not so sure on accessing. I keep all my heavy items (tools for tires and wrenching, tubes, etc.) in the very bottom of the GL to keep the weight low. When needing to access tools in the GL I simply loosen the compression buckle, rotate both zippers to where my tool stash is, spread the zippers about 10 inches and pull what I need out (tools are packed next to the zipper for easy access). When finished shove it back in the hole. Worst case is i have to create a bit of a hole with my hands when putting it back but its only soft items above the tools (clothes, hammock) so creating the hole is a non issue. If accessing my tools in the bottom of the Kreiga bag I have to undo one (or two?) roll top closures, then empty the bag to access items on the bottom, then load the bag up again, and refasten the roll top closure(s). Seems a bit longer in my eyes, but not a deal breaker.

Pic from the Kreiga website

Are the unused rack loops available to fasten my tools in a separate bag? If so can the rear most rack loops be utilized to fasten both the Overlander and a US 5 or 10 Kreiga bag to stash my tools?

Mike you mentioned that the WR-R picture has the bags mounted waaay forward. In the pic above is that as far back as I can mount the bags safely without worry about them contacting the exhaust, bike dependent of course (ill be on a KTM 500)? The buckle on the seat is right where I put my derrière for slab droning. My trips are not only an overnighter where I could deal with it better but usually up to a couple weeks once a month, with the longest trip one month and that buckle location seems a major drawback for the well being of my arse.

Thanks again for the diligence.
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