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Originally Posted by NicolasR View Post
Hi to all, and happy new year by the way!!!

I got back from a 3500 km trip on mi S10 trough Colombia. What a trip!!!
Last night I reviewed all the notes regarding fuel consumption and I averaged 77,2 Km per U.S gallon of fuel. Not bad at all. However, my doubt is the full range with a full-filled gas tank. I am asking because I always refueled the bike when the reserve indicator started blinking but it would only take 3,8 or 4 U.S gallons max. and that happened at the 320 kilometers-mark from full.
I checked and our S10 have a 6,08 U.S gal tank, which means that I could get around 450 km from a full tank.
Why the reserve comes at 320 around Km??
How long can you drive with the reserve??
According to my maths, the reserve is of about 2 U.S gallons. Is that correct??

The longest I have ridden my bike with the reserve on is for about 40 Km. I havent tried to get more kms for not harming the fuel pump when going dry, but apparently I could get even more before that happens.

I see you are now talking about fuel quality. Well, I had to buy low octane fuel twice and it made the bike runs about 5 degrees hotter.

You've probably got the ghist of reserve range limits by now but thought I chuck my pennethworth in . I have tested the range on my UK S10 to dry on a couple of occasions (both with separate reserve fuel). On long distance reasonable pace riding I got over 60miles on reserve to the 1st stutter, but on local commute traffic it was spot on 50miles and that resulted in an engine cut out. So I'd say if you ride with reasonable care you should make 50miles on reserve but if the road/conditions are arduous figure on less.
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