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Just wondering what your list adds up to...

From what you are saying you might be playing with damping settings by disassembly and by changing fork oil. I think this is one of he main reasons a lot of guys go with people like Superplush...they have the accumulated experience of hundreds maybe thousands of rebuilds and customers to get the work done right the first time (mostly). A lot of riders (self included) don't have the time to mess with multiple disassemblies and adjustments, or the experience to know what to change to correct bad behavior. More power to you for tackling this yourself...the satisfaction of getting it right is priceless and the knowledge you gain in the process put you in a better position than the off-the-shelf buyer.
For me it always boils down to a time vs money thing, and I am poorer than the average KaTuM owner on both. I do my own wrenching because of shortages on both fronts (and I am 4 hrs from anyone I would trust to play with my pride and joy), so this is the reason for the first question, and also the main thing the OP has to consider.

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I hope no one here thinks by any stretch of the imagination that I think I know more then the people at places like Superplush, Slavenracing, etc because it just isn't true.

Dan Kyle of Kyle racing basically set up both my Ducati and Aprilia for the track. He transformed both my bikes from fast exhausting to ride, accidents looking for places to happen to cornering and braking works of art. Because of him I'm not only faster but safer doing it. There is no substitute for experience.

The difference between those two bikes and my 990 is I never sent anything to Dan. I installed and made all the changes myself under his tutelage. By doing this I'm able to set up both of those bikes for different tracks and conditions and don't see why my 990 should be any different.

Like one member wrote. Suspension is a Science and Science can be learned, tested and applied.....................okay I added (Science can be learned, tested and applied) myself. LOL
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