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Originally Posted by Boon Booni View Post
Just remove the forks, remove the caps and springs (and emulators if you've installed some) and dump the forks to drain. Usually let them drain upside down for an hour or so.

Pushrod forks have super simple internals. I did a full disassemble once to install emulators because you've also got to drill out the stock valving holes to allow for full flow to the emulator. Since then I've just removed and drained them.

With 27, 000 miles on the clock I think you'll pull some dark and dirty oil out of those things.
It is not hard to do. If you can change your oil and remove the front wheel you can do it. A 15/16 wrench fits the fork caps. This fits a little snugger than a 24 mm. Loosen this before removing the fork. Remove pre-load. Just torque everything back correctly. Ya don't "tighten the piss out of all the fasteners."

See here:

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