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Hi all,

I have now had a bit of time on my 03 Adventure with the air kit I got off Two Moto Kiwis. Its a CPR Rottweiler. It came with needles and jets. 178 & 180 mains, 45 and 55 jets. Needles are on middle clip. They are from Adventure Machines.
It runs real nice everywhere except if the wind is gusty at freeway speeds. Then I am getting the feeling of slight fuel starvation. Its only slight but I can feel it. If there is no wind or a tail wind its fine.

Could this be anything to do with the carb breather hoses? Or possibly float bowl height. This I measured at 3.5mm
Carbs are sync`d and TPS was set right. Breather hoses terminate under carbs in the V of the motor.

It took did nearly 14 kpl doing a quick hills ride.
Anyone like to share their views?

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