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If you follow the pictorial I mentioned and the original Hall-of-Wisdom documents, you'll have no problem. By the way, I just checked and am having problems downloading the HoW documents: PDF error? If you have the same problem, PM me with your email address and I'll send you these files from my own archive.

Both procedure descriptions are a bit anal, you do not have to go that crazy. I like the idea of multiple clear hoses, described in the thread - it's easier than moving one hose nipple-to-nipple. I also like the funnel with stopper; that's quite simple - and easier to make than the version with threaded cap. As a point of advice: Beemer Boneyard here in NJ sells these funnels pre-made, though it may be not shipping to Oz. On the other hand: I do not remove the calipers for the procedure - just shove a thin wooden shim between the pads and the rotor. It's less work; more importantly, I don't like the idea of the caliper dangling on the brake line while I am wrestling the bleed nipple.

The whole bleeding procedure (all 4 circuits) should take you perhaps a couple of hours. Most time is spent on preparations and cleaning up. You should do it every 2 years anyway, that way you'll assure the health of your ABS modulator.

I'll be doing this stuff myself in a few weeks - all my bikes are due this season.

Good luck! Robert.
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