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Entertaining report chaps and chapess. Quick question. I know Terry is using an Air Hawk to keep his bum as fresh as a baby's 'cos he told me. Are you other folk using such luxuries or something else. Got a big trip coming up with the Mrs and the seat on our Yam Xt660R is hard, though not as 'ard as you lot. Been on to an Air Hawk supplier and he reckons we would need two seats, a rider and a pillion, at over 300 quid. Seems a bit steep so I thought I'd ask you guys what works for you


I have one and it turned a 50 mile enduro seat into an all day 300 miler. They are best with as little air in as possible obviously a bit more than Terry's by the sound of it. For me it worked well
the only crap thing is the cover absorbs all the water when it rains.
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