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Luis is already on his third (and last) engine on the 150cc 2-stroke. Wish him luck.

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I haven't caught up yet this am on all the posts here, so sorry if duplicate.

Update from Freedom. This was "Tuesday's" update. THey just got wifi this am to send. I can't imagine Scott's stress over Luis' bike. 2nd motor after day 4. Previous years it went so flawlessly. Scott did not build his bike this year, so I don't know the mechanical differences this year vs the previous 2 that Scott built. Without talking to them who knows what's causing the burn thru them this year.


Tuesday 8th
Again a frustrating day on a couple of counts. Luis got in at 2:00am or so… with another “fried” engine. It overheated and cracked the cylinder, luckily AFTER he finished the “special” (the dunes and mountains). This meant that Jaime and Scott spent another night working into the wee hours of the morning putting in the third and last engine! Marco and Mateo of course arrived without i...ncident with normal wear on their bikes! Mateo is still slowly rising in the ranks and Marco is just very happy to get through in one piece. Liliana, his wife of course, happy to see him back in one piece.
Wednesday 9th,
Today the riders started at roughly 9:00 am in the morning. They all arrived safe and sound …no problems with ANY of the bikes. This is good because tonight we skip two hours of transition time, as we are now in Arica, Chile. I have not seen so much dessert in my life! The border crossing took an hour, dogs sniffing for fruit and maybe drugs, who knows. They did not find the fruit Jenny hid under the bed.
So this is real short, and may not be posted for a couple of days. As we are still fushing around running a race! Night!
Nate in N.E.

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