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I did some google searching since I have decent internet while I'm staying in the lap of luxury at the Hotel Washington here in Colon. It turns out that Jordy and Michelle took the Vya del Mar down to Porto Obaldia a couple years ago. Here is the mythical boat I'm trying to track down:

In the light of a new morning this place I'm staying is pretty nice:

with marble hallways and air conditioning:

I'm staying here until checkout at 2. It is right on the point of the peninsula with ships anchored beyond the seawall. The seaspray is blasting over the seawall off the back terrace:

It's overcast and windy today. I noticed on the ride report with the picture of the Vya del Mar that they contacted him by phone in Colon and met him in Miramar past Portobelo to load the bike. So I think I'll head over to Miramar and see if I can find someone who knows his phone number. It's not far down the coast and Colon is not my kind of town.

Away from the hotel, Colon looks like post-apocalyptic Eastern European architecture with a dash of rotting inner city rustbelt thrown in. I think I'd rather hang out on a beach somewhere down the way.

more later……
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