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From Adventure

Ok... I am starting to figure out how to post images again... my how stuff changes fast. As a software developer... I sorta tune out web changes anymore... now all of a sudden I have to remember how to do it :)

Here is a snapshot from google earth with a yellow trailhead pin in the lower right and the well known intersection in the upper left.

I am trying to figure out how to actually post a live link. I'll keep trying.
I called the Forest Service and the gate I was talking about is closed as well as all of the other awesome roads that close for the winter. They re-open April 1st, but in my experience it seems they take a while to get them all open and this one, being where it is, is one of the last to open. I've seen it closed on Memorial Day weekend on that end. They schedule all of the gates to close January 5th to April 1st. It is possible that the gate is actually still open, but there is only one way to find out. If you guys have not seen this before it is an excellent dual sport resource:

I found the road numbers I was interested in and just got off the phone with the Glenwood/Pedlar Ranger District's office. The road you wanted to go up was 1167 from Map 28. When you plan a trip out there again, after winter, you should check out 1881 on Map 30. You can spot the rd # centered left to right about 1/4 way down from the top. If you like jumping waterbars it's a blast. It is the one with the tunnel under the Parkway if you have been through there or have heard mention of it. Ride em' while you can. They have very little money to maintain roads so when they become heavily damaged they close them. They are also closing them because folks do not stay on the roads.
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