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Originally Posted by ozmoses View Post
I sent a polite note to the seller expressing my anger at these tactics. Here's the note I sent;

It would tell us what they are if you mentioned the model or size BMW these came off. If you want to measure any thing get a metric caliper. These are metric parts, made in Germany, which uses the metric standard.

Your price is waaay too high. Used market value is under $200 most times. A really clean or refurbished pair will go some what higher. You auction is only a clutter on the market place. It serves no purpose. Or do you think you can get this much money? If you sell these at half what you are starting at it is stealing.
I would really like to see a site that is independent of Ebay that would list the sellers doing such things and we could look up each seller and see what their past practices are. Is there such a thing? I don't have the computer where-with-all to start something like that. I'd like to give the Mega Corporation types like what Ebay has become something to worry about. If I was running Ebay I would not allow sellers like this to use the site.
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