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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
One more way to ensure a privateer doesn't get to outshine the sponsored pro's

To be competitive in this "new Dakar" a rider needs, amongst other things, 2 support vehicles (one for bivy and one to shoot ahead to allowable CP's, ghost cars (one to be at beginning and one at end of each SS), an RV with air conditioning to sleep in and provide a humane bathroom experience, a team manager that is competent to interpret the every changing rules so they can be taken advantage of, etc, etc, etc

My only issue with all of this is the $$$ required now to be competitive. I still applaud the fact the everyday man can race next to the hero's but imho they can no longer be competitive. So good but also not to so good.

Another "bummer" of this is that it is changing the race from what it once was to what it is becoming. I, like many others here, don't like the change as I am clinging to an ideal of what the Dakar was. I keep having to remind myself to accept the change as the "new Dakar" is as awesome as the "old Dakar", its just different

I watched some videos the other day of Dakar's from the old days. People riding 500 lb bikes, scooters, etc. The terrain they were riding on was NOTHING like what we see today. Hearing people like Pyndon saying a top of the line, modern, purpose built 450rr can barely make it up some of the hills puts a bit of perspective of the "new terrain". I don't get the impression that folks racing felt they were cheated due to lack of distance yesterday

People are complaining that the distances are short, yet I still see riders coming in at all hours of the night. The challenge seems very real, just different. Again, accepting change is difficult.

I am continually reminding myself not to be a stick in the mud and to accept the evolution of the Dakar. Can you imagine if the course was still doable by a scooter or a 500 lb bike...I don't think we would all be impressed by the daily videos

An analogy, I used to be a pretty decent snowboarder. The terrain we rode and the tricks we did when we jumped are now done by 5 year olds. The pros have become gymnists doing flips and twists that are mind boggling. How freaking lame would it be to watch people on tv doing nothing but old school tricks on old school equipment Same goes for rally I think.

Sorry, felt the need to express myself

I felt real bad for you last year Ned when we learned we were allowed to assist but you had already gone threw the CP and were on your way to the bivy. If I could do it again......we should do it again
Nate in N.E.

Yes, I have a Dakar problem -- that there are 50 weeks of the year without Dakar!

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