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Talking seat cure

wow! what an adventure - its true when nothing goes as planned, adventure starts
Thanks to all crew for brilliant report, pics, writing and all info enriching our lifes in our armchairs

Originally Posted by Dickyb View Post
Well but me no butts! 300 quid or 400 Euros is a lot of petrol, wine, beer or vodka so I'll go upmarket for the dear lady and fork out 15 quid for a lambskin. I get by with my sheepskin so I'm sure she'll manage.

Thank you all for your input, though in Terry's case t'would seem there was a lot of output.


...I was laughing at people with sheepskins on bikes until.... one day I tried it and... never go w/out it on rides longer then 2-3 hrs. Try it and your ar$e will thank you... you can basically spend the whole 12 hrs on it and still be as comfortable as the moment you started(its like traveling on air pillow!!! only better!). The whole sheepskin in IKEA stores goes for about $ 30, and you can easily make 2 seat covers from it... be creative, use straps, cords velcro or whatever. As someone got it right saying: "nature provided us with perfect solutions to most of our problems "(no patent pending limits!) This is is a case with the wool also. As I did enjoy my time in backcountry skiing, the best base layer you can have is merino wool - will keep you always warm, even if it gets moist... and the best part is it can be used for many days without washing (there is no odor from bacteria) as a wool naturally kills most bacteria by itself! - its simply brilliant!

sorry for a highjack, back to the story...go on
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