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Originally Posted by Anders Green View Post
I was wondering why some built-in flipping over device couldn't be constructed. See this video and skip to about 2:10:

It wouldn't need to be automatic and motorized. Hooking up a 10 ton portapower device to a metal arm and pumping by hand would do it.

200-300 pound weight penalty, with the benefit that you'll never be stuck for four hours waiting to roll your own vehicle back over? Maybe that's worth it. Maybe not... I know I'm Wednesday morning quarterbacking here.

As ugly as the buggies are, I can see the merit of designing the body of your vehicle to be more "self-righting" if flipped. With the large, flat surface area on the top of the Hummers, I could see how they'd be a bugger to get flipped back over. That being said, the Hummers do look cooler than anything else.

Here's Gallagher's attempt at it :)
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