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Fuel Stabilizer Storage.

Was reading Rider magazine. A guy wrote in he was having problems with his Concours after storage.

Andy said conventional Stabilizers and old fuel are hard on the spark plugs. It makes them charcoal black and foul.
The plugs will idle but have a hard time performing above idle.

He said his local BMW dealership introduced him to Star Tron.
"BMW fuel injection pumps were dying at an alarming rate if left to sit in old gas for more than 90 days, so the Beemer boys did their online homework and ordered a case of Star Tron....Now all the big automotive chain stores hav it on the shelf, including WalMart."

He says Star Tron has naturally occurring enzymes that can stabilize fuel for 2 years. It is a fuel and can't overdose your tank. Helps handle ethanol.

I just put some Stabil in my bikes. I don't know if this is a subliminal advertisement or if the stuff is any good.

Has anyone had luck with this stuff?
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