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I sure hope we can find a computer geek that rides, it would be great to have all of the unpaved roads in the entire state, not to mention the entire country available via GPS, etc, but I'm old school enough to be happy having a paper map, either township or county map, that I can plan rides with and then take it along with me!

I'd had previouly done searches for up to date versions of the PA State Type 10 maps like the 1991 paper ones I have, but I could never find a website or source, until a few minutes ago. This site has the Type 10 and Type 5 Boro And Township maps I've been using, along with 15 other types, here ya go; DJVU

FredRydr If I still felt the need to continue riding on the ice covered forest roads, I have three quart jars full of ice screws from when I did just that back in the 70's and 80's, I installed them in knobbies by hand with a nut driver and super glue, they worked great on the ice, but they didn't work as well on the paved roads commuting to work, if you got a little throttle happy, they would throw off sparks and it wasn't unual to leave a few screws laying in the road behind you.

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