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I had a similar experience near the Purgatory ski area between Durango and Silverton, Colorado a few years ago. We'd ridden up earlier in the day and the DOT had just finished paving a short section of road, a nice, tight curve and the straight leading to the next curve. Later in the day I had to return to Silverton and on the way up from Durango I rode through a fresh line-paint job on that stretch. Before I knew what was going on it felt like I'd had both tires go flat instantly, sliding and wobbling around. I could see the shimmer of the glass beads across the pavement and a couple piles about a foot high where the application machine had apparently malfunctioned. Luckily this was in the straight section and not the curve so I didn't go down, but that was by far the slickest crap I have ever ridden a motorcycle through! I finished my errand in Silverton, headed back to Durango and found that in the interim 45 minutes or so the passing car traffic had blown most of the glass beads off the roadway.

I don't normally advocate looking for someone to blame and sue whenever something bad happens, but as stated above it does appear there was a lot of negligence involved in your crash. Those beads should have been cleaned up and the emergency personnel should never have let you back on the bike without a visit to the ER first. I feel differently about those glass beads than I do about the gravel laid down when the pavement is "chip sealed" or a sand/salt mixture is spread on the roads after a snow storm, by the way; those are a known, obvious hazard and no one expects the DOT to sweep all the highways after repair or sanding.

Glad you're OK, heal well!

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