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Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
Hey Jeff!
I'm very pleased to see you're going to take an XRL on the TAT! I think it'd be my choice if I could have anything. Any way I can help you just let me know. If you haven't seen it already, I suggest you check out the ride report on here by our neighbor and my friend XCrider (Denis). I like how he stitches together a ride report.
Will do. I've been reading a LOT of TAT reports.

Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
All the carbs take the same mods. But the difference in "uncorking" isn't exactly huge. It does make a difference if you really want to run full-bore, but who wants to do that on the TAT? Not me....
I am NOT a top end kinda guy. I don't even like going over 60-65 mph on the pavement anymore. I'd much rather go fast on dirt and in the curves.

Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
I agree with your plan of keeping the stock exhaust. While I appreciate the boost in performance, weight savings, and the throaty tone of my White Bros unit, the stock unit is less bothersome to others along the way. It's a benefit to be able to sneak around without people being able to follow you by your sound. And as Dave says in his mod, his particulars apply to a bike that's been opened up, that of course including performance aftermarket exhaust.
Loud pipes are obnoxious to me, and most non-riders. Like you, I'd rather be in stealth mode in the back country. Plus, I'm a little bit frugal and paying big bucks for a performance pipe is not where I want to put my money.

Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
As for jumping into mods, I would be focusing on what particular weaknesses you have personally experienced and wish to address. These guys come a bit lean from the factory in order to pass exhaust emissions standards imposed by our illustrious Federal government. From my experience, what I'd do is exchange the stock #50 pilot jet for a #55, and see how she runs for you. Then based on your anaylsis of the effects of this change, you can refocus your efforts. I'm expecting you'd find this quite acceptable performance to run the TAT.
I think I'll try the #55/#158 with the clip spacer and see what that does. It is running lean, and is cold blooded. Will go with the UNI filter and maybe remove the snorkel. If I replace them I'll keep them in the kit for the higher elevations, if needed.

Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
What is your schedule & plan for running the TAT?
The trip is a graduation present for my nephew. He is 18 and needed a small carrot to get to graduation. We'll start in late June on the Outer Banks, literally riding in the Atlantic. Then head west and take the TAT to Oregon. Plan is to camp the majority of the time. His Dad will fly out to Oregon to meet us. We'll change the sprockets, oil, adjust valves, and put on street tires, then he and his Dad will ride back to Virginia on Route 50, and I'll fly home with the camping gear while they motel it. We're planning 5 weeks out, and two weeks back. Planned oil and tire/sprocket changes in Colorado, then again in Oregon.

I'm looking as much towards this ride as any I've ever been on. Only it should be easier with no border crossings, and not having to learn a new language! My normal ride is an R1150GS, but I think the XR will be better suited for this ride, especially out west.

If anyone has great suggestions about the TAT and mods on the XR for it, please let me know. Already have the Clarke 4.7 tank, rear lightweight rack, and a lowering link. Will be adding a bash plate, larger pegs, and some type of rear soft luggage system. Would love to hear what others have used and prefer.

Thanks everyone.

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