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Day 61 Part 6

Our wet feet started to get pretty cold by now. And I think all of us had done enough river crossings for that day.
(more than 30)
Now we just had to find a good place to eat, sleep, take a hot shower and a wel deserved
After the big river that I mentioned in post #2370 we still had a few small shallow puddles before we entered a big valley.
This valley had vehicle tracks all over the place and we started to see more locals driving normal cars on the tracks,
so now we couldn't be far from civilization.

A few km's later we drove into Tsakhir.

In the town we stopped to look around and see if we could find a place to spend the night.
Rod and Beamster checked all the town's exit ways but both came back telling there was nothing there.
That meant we had to get our camping gear out again. The hot shower and the good meal would have to wait another day.
Now we had to raid one of the local grocery store's. Where we bought some noodles and some delicious chocolate biscuits.
Because the weather further down the valley didn't look promising we decided to drive back into the valley,
so we would have some time to put up our tents before it would start to rain.

Everywhere you stop locals will come over to check you out.
These local hang arounds came to show their rides while they checked out ours.

BMW R100'91/R80'93/R75/6 R80ST'83/R65GS'87/GasGasTXT300/DouglasW20-1920

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