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Originally Posted by OlafofOregon View Post
Quick camparo:

Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags

$215-$304 for rack, depending on bike make/model

EX-T Stuff Sacks (set of 4)

TOTAL PRICE: $471.98-$560.98

Volume: 38 liters (19 liters each side)
Warranty: 1 Year on RF Welded Bags

Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers
Volume: 70 liters (35 liters each side) ALMOST DOUBLE THE VOLUME
Included components: 2 waterproof inner bags, 2 laser-cut aluminum exhaust heat shields
Warranty: Lifetime of product for original purchaser against defects in materials and construction.
Plus: No rack required. Strap it on and ride! Load is positioned closer to the center of the bike, maximizing performance and handling when carrying gear. Fewer parts to break. Multiple attachment points to secure additional bags. Easier access. Mesh internal pockets, exterior pockets large enough to carry 2 liters of fuel in each side. Ballistic nylon reinforcements in impact zones . . . .
Good info, thanks.... but ....

I'd retort that the Wolfman don't need the inner bags to keep items dry so I'd deduct that from the equation

Concerning the rack, what makes yours different that a rack isn't needed, what keeps the bags from rolling under towards the wheel with the weight of the contents??

BTW, not knocking you guys ... I've got a Fandango on my Dakar and I'm planning on getting the Buck and Roll to add to it when I move it over onto the big GS for longer rides.
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