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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
I havenīt sent across the Atlantic. But usually, when the distance is long enough, LCL (less than container load) seafreight is the cheapest way to send one single bike. There are a few things to remember, though: it is more laborous than letting some company, who offer this service do it for you, you may need to use a crate to pack the bike, and some points of entry to EU these days seem to demand a rather large bond, that is to be returned, when the bike leaves. Iīd avoid sending to those places. Costs at the receiving end are also something to be wary of, always, but especially when you freight by sea.

For reference, I payed almost exactly 700 euros total to send my DL650 by sea from Sydney to Helsinki (but it was 5 years ago). This even included the services of a freight agent in Oz. Distance must be longer than US West Coast to Europe. Costs at the receiving end were almost 200 euros of that 700, but it was still cheap. By air wouldīve definitely cost me double or triple.

I bet thereīs a LOT of sea freight going back and forth across the Atlantic all the time, so you should have plenty of options to choose from. (But Iīm not saying this is the easiest option, definitely not).
I don't want to be without the bike for long time here or there, and as you said there are problems with sea freight too.
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