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Originally Posted by onesaintsfan View Post
I ride mine enought that I dont need to store it. But if your bike has the onboard computer and the associated fuel strip, I would be afraid to use ANY fuel additive. I use to run marvel oil in my fuel, but after 3 fuel strips I dont put anything but gas in my gas tank. Just sayin
I don't to turn this into a failed fuel strip thread, ,,or an ethanol / clogged fuel injector thread ,,, but I think a combination of ethanol and regular stabil was responsible for clogging my fuel injectors, then researching the crap out of the issue (on ADVrider and other sites) ,, I did switch to startron for storage ,, not long after my fuel strip went out,may be coincidence, BUT, after a two tank fulls of non treated gas, the fuel strip started to work again. MY personal belief is that there are a two problems happening with the fuel strips, the connections in them break for some reason,, the other is some kind of bad ethanol / fuel treatment or gas related combo . Dunno. Do some searches on ethanol and phase separation

I think the best bet is to fill up with a non ethanol fuel if you are just storing for a couple months , find some here

My $.02

edit: oh yeah,, use Chevron gas with Techron, or buy techron every couple tanks too, does not seem to harm the strip and does clean the injectors

nother edit: If you use Stabil, look for the Marine stabil, or the one that indicates that it is specially formulated for ethanol fuels
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