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Originally Posted by FakeName View Post
THAT might be more of a problem. As I recall, they verified my M1 status on my driver (that's driving to ferners) license.

Is this a private party purchase? You might just buy it and take it straight to LA for registration.

And a big bowl of gumbo.

Some etouffee.

Fried Okra.

Fried Oysters.

Eggs Sardou.


And a few Sazeracs.
Amen, brother!

If you ever make it down this way, give me a shout. I'll take you a few places we can tick off everything in that list. Especially the Sazeracs!

From what I hear the bike test is pretty simple over here, and - despite 20-odd years of picking up bad habits - I'm sure I can still snap back into performing 'lifesavers' before every maneuver, if need be. So it might be fun...

Plus, the examiner's face will be priceless when I roll up on a lairy, rip-snorting, 12-foot tall Katoom!

It was a private purchase for me, but the rental company I bought it from is classed as a dealer, so sales tax would be due upon the sale, unless it's transported out of state. So, that's what I'm going to have to do. Then register it down in the Big Easy.

The ride from SF to NOLA would have been epic, plus I would have got to catch up with a few awesome Kriega dealers, customers, supported riders and Inmates along the way. I would have been bummed about not making it, but the potential Costa Rica trip popped up in the meantime, so fortunately I can fixate on that instead.

As a side effect of developing an irrational attachment to my previous machine (and therefore only recently facing up to the fact that importing it was a stupid idea before selling it to finance this one) - not to mention the whole immigration, getting hitched and setting up a new business thing - to my eternal shame and dismay, I've been without a ride of my own for the last 18 months. Consequently I have been dependent on the goodwill of local bike nuts and various dealers / friends to get my grin on. Because of this the 990 is like all my Christmases coming at once. And just like an impatient child pretending to sleep while 'Santa' stumbles around the house with a bicycle under one arm and a glass of sherry in his hand, I WANT IT NOW! So, I'm gonna take the path of least resistance. If that means trucking / trailering it down south, then so be it.

Whatever works.
'Ave it.

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