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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post

So Etienne see's himself as the "new" french version of Michelé Thomsón and is going to market his "Little Chunk of Dakar" to all the flatbill wearing homie fans that the new breed of Monsterredbullspeed sponsors will attract to the sport... eh?

Park your RV's outside the stadium folks, by a footlong and a brewski and pull up a seat for the most challenging indoors marathon rally the world has ever seen (live direct sent on HBO... 19:00 CET 15:00 Pacific central ). We've got pole dancers for the halftime show and all the baguette and brie cheese you can eat... So come on out, we're coming to 10 stadiums across South America in 14 days of rough and tumble off road rallye action, all from the comfort of your very own 85 dollar arena seat... Tired of marching out into the Atacama for hours on end, to wait and see an orange brick fly past in a cloud of dust...? F5¤% that!... come to where the future is... it's the Dakar Grand National Stadium Schmuck Gran Prix Marathon Off Road Indoor Racing Series. DGNSSGPMORIRS
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