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Originally Posted by Prutser View Post
Our wet feet started to get pretty cold by now. And I think all of us had done enough river crossings for that day.
(more than 30)

A few km's later we drove into Tsakhir.

In the town we stopped to look around and see if we could find a place to spend the night.

Everywhere you stop locals will come over to check you out.
These local hang arounds came to show their rides while they checked out ours.

Whilst we were queueing in the shop with the grumpy shopkeeper to buy anything edible she might have( FFS..we're buying anything you've got!!) these guys came galloping -no exaggeration-through the main street, proving beyond doubt that this has been elevated to a 2 horse town.

They saw us and scooted back to greet us. As I've said before...on a moto in Mong, you are cooler than Ice-T, cooler than Paul Newman (playing Cool Hand Luke), cooler than Shems Bondt, cooler than.....Frank Sinatra with Ava Gardner on his....arm, and we were treated accordingly.

As P has said. we'd crossed many rivers that day, and although we'd all been wet ( OK..some wetter than others) we'd all dried out now apart from the feet and all we wanted was a wouldn't matter as long as we could get a shower, have somewhere to dry our gear and get almost anything to eat and a beer.
Alas we still had to feckin' camp with soaking boots. :0(

Just occasionally in The Life of an Adventurer, one needs a magic wand that you can wave and take you out of it for a night...alas Walter had taken it with him and was waving his own wand. So camping it was.

The first sign we had of the yak-migration was when a solitary yak appeared on the skyline bellowing, and we thought he was separated and thus wolf-dinner , but then a few of his pals arrived,,,then a few more..then a host.
When the yaks all started bellowing and moving down to the low ground I was a little concerned that they might just trample through the site and flatten our tents, but we were all quite relieved when they passed by and carried on down towards the town

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