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Yup, it has to be a double action. Really just looking for opinions on the Tracker. Especially intrested in anyones experience with the 22 WMR model. Let me splain a bit here. I have a really nice Dan Wesson .22 lr. Beautiful blue at about 98%. Looks like they're getting up there in value, and I'm looking for a replacement to take the beating off the DW and keep it nice. I did a Giggle search for 991 reviews and found page after page of people bitching about Taurus quality defects. Well, we know how the internet is. Complains out number praise 50-1. I have a Taurus m# 85ch. 3 inch snubby .38 spl. I think it's a fine gun for the price paid. Shoots fine. So what happened to Taurus? Since I lurk on this thread all the time, I thought I'd try for an unbiased opinion. Anybody got one in 22lr or 22wmr?
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