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Countershaft Sprocket and Chain Questions

So, I put on a new chain in Medellin, Colombia. Actually, I had a shop do it for me which I'm kind of regretting. After leaving Medellin, I checked it a few times and it was nice and tight. A few days ago, I went to check it and found it extremely loose! The tensioners were set at 20 and I had to bump them up all the way to 35 to get it tight! I have a feeling that the shop cut it too long.

After riding all day yesterday, I went and checked it again and found to be extremely loose, again! I did a closer inspection and noticed that the plastic guard at the front of the swingarm had worn all the way through and the chain was begining to score the metal of the swing arm! Yikes!

In any event, this lead to an inspection of the countershaft sprocket. I haven't really had to deal with countersprockets before; how much wear should it have before you replace it? I have some pictures, but the quality is low. If anyone can give me an assessment based off of these, I would appreciate it.

I have a few more questions about the sprocket: should there be any movement (play) between the sprocket and the countershaft? I estimate that I've got maybe a half-milimeter of play in this direction between the splines of the shaft and the splines on the sprocket:

And then maybe a milimeter of play between the locking splined washer thingy that keeps the sprocket on the shaft, and the outer splines of the shaft:

Also, the aforementioned locking splined washer thingy (what is the proper nomenclature for this thing?) looks like the inside of it's teeth are a little wore down.

Is this normal, or is it wear and should I be concerned? Thanks,

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