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Originally Posted by 8340SU View Post
2013 Dakar - Stage 6
by Cyril Despres on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 1:45pm ·

Cyril Despres

“Yesterday I said my plan for today was to push right from the start and that is exactly what I did until km 24 when I went into the wrong valley. I only lost about 2 minutes but it took about 3 boxes on the road book to make sure I was back on track and it all interrupted my flow a little. I went well over the rest of the first special and really enjoyed the second special after the neutralisation. For the first time on this Dakar we were on hard-packed pistes and it made a nice change from all the sand and off-piste we’ve had until now. There must have been between 150 to 200 bends over that section and it was great fun drifting through them. Quite quickly though I got caught in Bottuiri’s dust and then he got caught in Casteu’s who eventually got stuck behind Pain. I never overtake in the dust, as it is just too dangerous, and that meant that I didn’t make up as much time over the stage as I had hoped.

Tomorrow is the start of the marathon stage that will eventually take us to Tucuman. With no mechanical assistance tomorrow night we will have to take care of our engines and also make sure we get enough sleep. Fortunately Ruben had another great day today and so we will be able to ride tactically tomorrow which should allow me to catch up to Lopez and pull back 4 minutes.”
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