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Originally Posted by amanlikemike View Post

Just purchased this healthy-looking, 47,000--mile, 2010 specimen (sans fugly luggage, of course!) from the good people at Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals (if you know anyone who wants to borrow a proper bike for a tour out of NorCal, Wolfgang's your man), via our mates at Scuderia West in SF.

Now commencing Project 990 'KDV' in earnest...

OK. So, she may well be a high-mileage, former working girl, which means she'll no-doubt have experienced more than her fair share of club-footed gearshift and cack-handed throttle abuse during her time on the streets. But equally, it also suggests that she's unlikely to have suffered too much of a beating at the hands of aggressive off-road riders. And she's been rigorously maintained by the top techs at Scuderia. So, by my [currency-based] logic at least, the bike's only just run in.

And anyhoo, I fully intend to see 200k+ on the clock at some point. So, if I didn't think it'd still be on-form after a measly 47,000, then I wouldn't have bought a 990 in the first place. Regardless of the odo reading.

Plus, the price was right . Which freed up more funds for... Yup! You guessed it...


With a little (lot of) help from the most excellent peeps at Scuderia West /; Black Dog Cycle Works, CJ Designs; Super Plush Suspension and Crispy Designs (the first four of whom co-incidentally also happen to be long-serving members of the 'Kriega Krewe'), the following upgrades seem somehow inevitable:
  • Uprated suspension
  • 2-into-1 exhaust system
  • Remap
  • Auto clutch
  • Steering stabilizer
  • Throttle cam kit
  • Bars
  • Hand guards
  • Seat
  • Pegs
  • Levers / pedals
  • ABS 'perma / easy-off' switch
  • Brake pads
  • Crash bars
  • Skid plate
  • Brake res. guard
  • Kickstand relocation & foot
  • Headlight upgrade
  • Aux. lighting
  • Canister & SAS removal
  • Hi-flow filter
  • Folding mirrors
  • Shorter screen
  • New rubber
  • High fender kit
  • Aux. rear gas tank
  • Graphics
  • Decent luggage (hmmm... I wonder which brand!? )
  • Probably other bits and pieces, eventually...

Right now, the suspension is with James at Super Plush, preparing for stiffer springs up front, 245mm travel all-round, revalving and custom pre-load range adjustment (more on this later). Seeing as they already have the bike in bits, Scuderia will be checking off, and bolting on, a number of the items above. Others are in the mail, or to be ordered, until I'm all spent up...

From there on-in, I'll be spec'ing as and when it makes 'sense'. But I am aiming to have her fully battle-ready for a quick run down to Costa Rica and back, which I'm hoping to make in early summer.

After all the lurking, geeking out, planning and perving over other people's machines (largely facilitated by the awesomeness of the OC community ) - not to mention working my ass off to make this bike happen - the brands of parts I'll be going for are pretty much set (although I'll be damned if I can find a Hammerhead shifter and brake tip anywhere at the moment!). If anyone's interested - I'll be happy to post whatever pics I can of each stage in the transformation.

In the meantime, here's what I've got thus far: Crispy's first draft of the custom livery.

There are a few basic corrections to make and other options to try out before it's where I want it, but I do like where it's headed…

So there you go.

Thanks for all the superb information, inspiration and camaraderie. It makes me proud not only to be a fellow Inmate, but also to now have acquired your taste for / obsession with the Orange Crush.



Small world - Was at Scuderia last weekend and almost bought this:

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