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Thumb wisperlite

I also have a MSR Wisperlite International for about 15 years and it is a great small stove. Taken a beating on many trips and the best thing it burns almost any fuel. Would highly recommend it for RTW trips

Originally Posted by Prutser View Post
The stove we used was a MSR Whisperlite which I used a lot in the 15 years that I own it.
It has some disadvantages. Reducing the flame enough to stop your food from burning is a bit hard.
But using the right pans helps a lot. Stainless it the worst imo as it doesn't conduct the heat fast enough.
Titanium ones are much much better IMO.

Its reliability, simple design and easy cleaning makes it a great stove. A local outdoor shop showed me some examples of broken stoves due to vibrations. But this had never happened with the Wisperlite so they told me.
After 15 years still (you do need to clean them once in awhile)
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