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Originally Posted by Dan Alexander View Post
Good info, thanks.... but ....

I'd retort that the Wolfman don't need the inner bags to keep items dry so I'd deduct that from the equation

Concerning the rack, what makes yours different that a rack isn't needed, what keeps the bags from rolling under towards the wheel with the weight of the contents??

BTW, not knocking you guys ... I've got a Fandango on my Dakar and I'm planning on getting the Buck and Roll to add to it when I move it over onto the big GS for longer rides.
Thanks Dan! I included the inner bags to make it a more apples-to-apples comparison of functionality, since we include inner bags that provide the convenience of pulling gear out of the panniers without removing them from the bike - and we're both claiming waterproofness (is that a word?), just achieving the same end via different methods.

I grew up backpacking in the Pacific Northwest. When I started in the late '70s, tubular metal framed packs were the state of the art. In the outdoor industry, the internal frame backpack revolutionized pack design in the mid- to late- '80s. Giant Loop is essentially bring the internal frame design concept to motorcycling - about 20+ years behind the outdoor industry.

Lighter, less vulnerable to breakage, less likely to cause subframe failure, loads positioned closer to the bike's center - it all adds up to a better ride and fewer hassles.
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