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The cheapest way to ride The Dakar is Malle Moto (on your own, out of the box with no support) but Iíll still need a bike. I contacted ASO and they confirmed there was a place available in the Malle Moto (only 20 places allowed) but would recommend I donít go this route for my first attempt. I couldnít stop myself thinking, was it not meant to be, should I just pull out and loose my deposit as Iíd missed the deadline to with draw my entry and try again next year? I should also mention that at the same sort of time this was going on Uncle Alec (Uncle Bud) suddenly died, he had a massive influence with my love of bikes and a mentored me through many life situations with his wise words. This was a real low point, a quite week of contemplation, lots of questions and reflecting. I came to the conclusion, Iím not getting any younger, Iím very lucky to have been given a ride and if Iím to learn anything from Uncle Budís death/life, is that itís over before you know it and you only get one shot at it. Live life with No Regrets! I paid the remaining money to ASO (8,400 Euros) to get myself and a bike entered, Iíll work the rest out as we go along.
I now have only 5 weeks to build a Dakar bike and get it to Le HavreÖ.!!!

see it

was he malle moto
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