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Jesses ....

Originally Posted by SkycamNZ View Post
Have to say looking back at those photos you posted of the finished rig Andi, that luggage looks built to military grade. If those cases can hold your (not insignificant ) weight don't think there is much chance you are going to overload them! And that top box looks strong enough to be used as a cash-carry case by armored guards.
Heya all

Thanks for the props, won't be to long and we will have some reading up from our stay in Phoenix, we have been flat out working till late each night bolting, fixing, cutting, fixing, tying, fixing, unscrewing, fixing, rescrewing, fixing, and finally the good part of personalizing ..... ouwh and did I mention fixing .

Pete, the cases are actually very lite, their design with folds etc gives them the strength and rigidity, have to say they are beautifully made AND beautifully finished INSIDE and out.

Many other cases are just alloy std finish inside and everything shuffles around and gets grey oxided .

Although for weight reasons I wanted to go for softies the design on these is outstanding bringing the weight down and in to the centre line of the bike so we ended up better off swinging the weight low rather than on a big rollie back behind Ellen up high.

Our Ozzie mates (oxymoron) have a 990 Adventure (nearly as nice as a SE )with the KTM gobby boxes, even with our case 1 inch further out on the left to get around the fuel tank we are still 5 inches narrower .... first time I am happy that an Ozzies is bigger than me

OK, nuff of this idle chatter, got some serious writing to do so you fullas can can up.
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