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Badges? We don't need no steenkin' badges!

We stayed in a different hotel on this stop in Mante. It was just past the one we stayed at on the way in, and right next to the nursing school . I think it was called M Gomez. What we didn't realize when we checked in was that it was serving as a barracks for Marines and Policia. The Marines were two doors down from us. Very professional bunch, they maintained an armed and uniformed sentry outside the door at all times. Their sargeant told us they would keep an eye on our motos and that they would be very safe. The Policia? They were up all night partying with the sparkle girls and left a big pile of beer cans by the pool. But hey, they were kind enough to let us take a picture in front of their truck.

We ate well in Mante! Dinner was at the restaurant that was closed when we were in town with the larger group. Then the next morning for breakfast we discovered bocoles - small gorditas with various stuffings which are local to the huasteca region. Good stuff!

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