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Originally Posted by fastdadio View Post
Yup, it has to be a double action. Really just looking for opinions on the Tracker. Especially intrested in anyones experience with the 22 WMR model. Let me splain a bit here. I have a really nice Dan Wesson .22 lr. Beautiful blue at about 98%. Looks like they're getting up there in value, and I'm looking for a replacement to take the beating off the DW and keep it nice. I did a Giggle search for 991 reviews and found page after page of people bitching about Taurus quality defects. Well, we know how the internet is. Complains out number praise 50-1. I have a Taurus m# 85ch. 3 inch snubby .38 spl. I think it's a fine gun for the price paid. Shoots fine. So what happened to Taurus? Since I lurk on this thread all the time, I thought I'd try for an unbiased opinion. Anybody got one in 22lr or 22wmr?
No. And granted it was a long time ago, but the one and only Taurus I owned was a festering piece of lead shaving shit. Customer service was equal to the gun itself - two trips to the factory to try to fix. One took 6 months, and when ot still didn't index properly the second trip took 4 months. They never got it right.

I'll never own one again. Not because they made a bad gun, but instead because they provided bad service. Nowadays I'd rather spend more and cry once. My bottom is Ruger (not so elegant but quality is good), then Kimber, and maybe one day something from Wilson Combat.

Currently I am waiting for a new fluted barrel version of the Ruger 22/45 lite to show up at my local dealer. It should be a fine .22, though it doesn't sound like it will meet fastdadio's criteria.
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