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[QUOTE=As I was talking with Jdowns back in El Salvador one night, he commented on the ironic choice of my user name for advrider: ulyses. It should be spelled Ulysses, but that was already taken when I registered. In any event, Ulysses is the Latin name for Odysseus, the central figure of Homer's Odyssey. Odysseus was plagued by misfortune for nearly ten years on his journeys, and sometimes I wonder if a little bit of his bad luck has worn off on me.[/QUOTE]

I must say, If or when the time comes for me to do an epic trip, I should consider getting a new user name, because I may be screwed!

Your report is the essence of awesome! You're a bad ass. Just watch out for all the crazy asses on the roads out there!

I'm sure it would feel shameless to ask, but given how much time you put into writing all this, and the entertainment and information people get from it, you might consider openeing up a paypal for people to chip in some gas if you end up short on funds near the end. Be a shame to miss things while you are down there. With tax refunds in the future, even my broke ass would be inclined to throw in a few gallons.

Keep on keepin on
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