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Originally Posted by ConTeacher View Post
I seem to remember reading once that there's a mine that goes through a mountain somewhere in Death Valley that you can ride a motorcycle through - from one side to the other. I can't find any info on Google, probably because I don't know the name of the mine.

Anyway, I obviously couldn't lead the ride because I have no idea where said mine is (if it in fact exists). But, I'd be willing to ride sweep on my little bike (XRR) if someone who knows the route is willing to lead. Since I'm committed to GS rides on Fri & Sat, a Sunday ride would work best for me.

Anyone have any info?
You might be thinking of the Reward Mine near Independence. You can drive or ride into it, but not through it. It's not in DVNP.

In the El Paso Mountains there is the Burro Schmidt tunnel that you can hike all the way through.
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