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Here's how I teach new (and not so new) riders of my riding group the basic real world application of counter steering.
Most of them know about the Theory of counter steering, but not the real world application of it

I'll take them to a moderately twisty road that doesn't have much traffic on it.

I'll instruct them that we will be cruising at a steady 45 mph (except where there is a 30 mph zone in a built up area) I then instruct them once we get up to speed and in the proper gear, to remove their left hand from the bar and hold it out to their side. They will control the bike with their right hand using throttle and front brake application, along with rear brake .... if needed.
Most of them freak a bit at their first left hand corner/turn/twisty, but immediately get the understanding of counter steering, once through it!
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