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Love it.

I was at a dirt bike school and one of the students was a scrawny guy on a DR350. He had zero experience on a bike to begin with, was lacking in conditioning, and by mid morning he was showing fatigue in a big way. He was wobbling pretty bad when he was kicking the bike over, sweating profusely, looking like he was about to pass out and fall over (BTDT). So as he's shaking and his right leg is probably about to fall off, and he's probably regretting the choice to take the class, the instructor walks over to him and says "Let me show you how to make that starting process much easier." The kid's face brightens.

The instructor leans closer and says "Quit stalling it."

the rest of us bust out laughing

So...whenever I've done something dumb on the bike I often remember that morning and tell myself "this ride would be easier if you'd apply the technique of STOP DOING THAT STUPID CRAP."

Priceless instruction, I tell ya'. Feel free to add it to your curriculum.
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