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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Lots of new stuff, like cars qualifying Wast of time and money!!. Quals will be held at the race directors property out by Pepsi Stand.

Additional possible stuff being discussed:

New routes for San Flippy including north of Hwy 3 ( Cool!!!!)

4th Mexico race: Mexicalli to San Flippy lay over and then San Flippy to Ensenada ( Sounds like fun !! !!)

Another Baja 2000 for the 50th ( Hell YA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Bikes on own day ( HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Once a sportsman bike is passed by car, his race is over ( Make everybody ride PRO CLASS !!!!!!!!!!)

Start bikes 10 at a time ( NO FUc*ing way it will work!!! )
Bd why do you think making people race pro is any better. Only difference is it costs more money and you can brag your racing pro class. Unless they require qualifications to enter pro the only thing it will do is make score more money.
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