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Looks pretty basic. Runs good?

Carbureted machines and especially Airheads like the Choke when starting. I use full Choke to start a cold engine almost always, even when warm out, but you will not get her started at all this time of the year with out it. Once the engine has been ridden and if stopped for awhile, the engine now half warm, she will start with half Choke. I use a twist of the wrist, some throttle, when starting also. Then after started I use the throttle to hold idle at about 2K, I turn the Choke down some right away, the warmer out the more I can turn down Choke. I sometimes ride off with a little bit of Choke still on but usually have it completely off before I leave. This is pretty much my routine. We probably vary a bit between riders and between machines.

This dealer, did they tune the bike before selling? Or do any repairs? How many miles? You'll want to start learning all the basic repairs and maintenance right away but maybe they changed the oil?

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