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Fuel tanks caps do not have dipsticks on them

Some times hydraulic tanks do

We were trying to get to a pallet out of the back of one of our buildings (had to completely empty a row to get to the back) and there wasn’t enough room on the dock for all the pallets so we had them strung out in the parking lot. The forklift was out of fuel so I sent Mr M to go get some fuel, when he go back he started dumping the fuel into the forklift. I happened to walk outside and noticed that he was on the wrong side of the forklift!!! (the fuel tank is on the other side he was dumping fuel into the hydraulic tank) After asking why he didn’t read the labels on the tanks he mentioned that he had never seen a dipstick on a fuel tank before and thought it was strange. We called the service center and they told us not to run the forklift with fuel in the hydraulic oil it was going to be the next day before we could get the tank drained so we had to drive another forklift from our other site 15 miles away
you actually expect people to take responsibility for their actions in today's society?!

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