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Originally Posted by AngryShawn View Post
good god, don't go getting your pants in a bunch
I'm with ya on that.
Everyone just relax, things are going to get better for bikes in SCORE.

Part of the interview last night I didn't really dig was multiple mentions of "vips" and "special people". Almost as if there's going to become a big(ger) gap between the Famous and the Average Joes. iI'd imagine it's mainly a TV draw thing, I dunno, but it seemed odd to me.

Regardless of that I still think things are going to get better for the bikes.

I've had long talks with Norman and a few things like using old routes north of 3 I suggested as weel as some bike things (no further info to divuldge).

re: Qualifying for TT & 1 is awesome, just like BITD does it. If you are a fast C1 guy why suffer behind a mess of TTs? It's totally fair.

re: Get passed by a TT and you're out.... I don't believe it will happen. Shoot what was it at this last 1000, only about 20 bikes finsihed before the 1st TT? I think it was just him saying to the effect that "something" needs to happen.

re: Starting 10 at a time... Yes it's totally do-able at some events. Years ago I outlined to SCORE how to do it at Felipe keep it safe for the riders all in attempts to create a longer gap between last atv & 1st TT.
I mean, it would be death to start 2-3 at a time at Felipe with the current initial 10 miles. There's another way to do it and keep the Start at the Arches.
I also gave him another SICK idea for something to do at Felipe. If it ever happens we'll see. It would be epic for sure.

Starting out of Ensenada would be difficult to start multiple bikes at a time but Normans idea might work - starting on the beach at the south end of the main drag. BITD did exactly this 2 times years ago but only 1 bike at a time. It could work and be really cool if done right.

re: Pro vs Sprtsmn - NO, it's not the plan (although I've always suggested it) to make everyone race Pro. Norman has some ideas that, well, let's just say he thinks on a different level (must be a money thing). He really wants more bikes, like a lot more bikes.

And even though the Reno event is part of Kudlas series and not a team event I think it will work out well. But I'd really like to see a long-course team event up there because it's such awesome country.

Many people think SCORE bikes is BAJA racing, fine. But we used to also have in the same series a race in CA and in AZ. i think going back to a US race would be awesome (except that my elbow and wrist is so messed up it hurts to race anymore).

Just prep your bikes and save you $, it'll be worth it.
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