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Originally Posted by mark0ne View Post
Ok fellas, we have done the costings on everything and have worked out a price for you guys.

$480.00 AUD including freight world wide
In Australia we have to pay the Gillard Spending Tax (GST) and international have a larger freight cost so it works out the same total.

We will be starting a batch next week so if you would like to put your name on a clamp let us know through the week as you decide. If we get an idea of numbers that will make it heaps easier for us and then people are less likely to miss out.
No depostit is needed so we wont hold you to it but I would appreciate that if you put your name on one it is with intention to buy!

Just Installing it all now so I will put a post of the fitted clamp up tonight.

Put me on the list...color choices? Do you take Paypal? Projected delivery time?
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