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Ah the old "sportsman aren't real racers" debate. Some are, some aren't.
My team and I raced sportsman because;
1. It was what my sponsor,(Hammernutrition), was willing to pay for and did so for 3 years.

2. My health and dissabuility insurance won't cover me if I enter a "PRO" class but will if I'm an amature,(Muy importante).

My teams overall times at the 09 500 and the 10 B1K would have put us into the top 5 of all the pro classes but 22,(and in the top 10 of that).
The point is, if there wasn't a sportsman class, I most likely wouldn't have been able to race. I know thats true of a lot of teams. If SCORE gets rid of that class and makes everyone enter a "pro" class with the higher entry fee, it will decrease the entries not increase them.
I'm trying to stay optimistic about all of the changes but it's not easy when they aren't telling us anything in regards to the bikes. I don't want to race in the states anymore, I've done that for more than 20 years. I love Baja and love racing there.
"Racing is life to those who excel at it. Everything before or after is just waiting."
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