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All done and ready to roll
I reckon this is one of the coolest parts we have made in a while, it has been a mission but deffinatly worth the time!

As it is all fitted up now with OEM front guard on and way more clearence than before, brakelines all fit like a glove and a massive improvement on the eye!

One thing I did notice is that when using with the OEM guard and a 21" front wheel while there is plenty of room you can still get more room by trimming the back of the guard's length The reason being and I think many people miss this, is that the guard was designed to fit the diameter of a 19" front wheel so that will always make the tips of the guard closer to the wheel than the middle.

Any way we could go on all day about bits and bobs but the fact is there is now a solid, strong and good looking triple clamp available for the GS12.

Also Im sure many of you would have something like this but here is a link for all the torque values of the R1200GS

Here are the pics of installing it

I shouldn't need to say this but this stuff will be your best friend during the install!


Forks go in

An upskirt shot......

Tighten the tops of the forks

Now its just a case of refitting the front mud guard, the wheel, calipers and brakelines, steering stops if you have them and then bleed up the brakes - IF YOU ARE EVEN SLIGHTLY UNSURE OF BLEEDING BRAKES PLEASE GO TO YOUR LOCAL BMW WORKSHOP AS IT CAN GET NASTY IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG

These are random pics of the installed clamp.

First off, sorry about the quality of some of the pics, they were taken on my iPhone, but it still gives you the idea

Now its time for Quirky to come grab the beast and get riding!

We will start the first production run end of next week so if you would like to get in you can e-mail direct to Mark on his email as I will be away in Hawaii for the next 10 days. Mark will be able to answer any questions you have and I will try get on here as often as I can while im away, you can still PM us on here as well.

Thanks to everyone for your imput and encouragement and we're glad there are a plenty of you guys thought it was a good read!

The next stage will be when we refit an annodised clamp to the quirky sled - maybe if I find a spare second and work out my new Adobe package I will try put a video together of the whole deal?


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